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Release Notes - Version 1.1.4


This is another release to fix some very specific issues that have been reported and bring some consistency in the way editing invoice items works...

Minor Updates

Editing Invoice Items

We've made some changes to bring some consistency...
  • You can now no longer delete the lead attendee, to prevent you from accidentally ending up creating a booking with no attendees, or payments due from someone who is not attending. Read more about how to handle this situation in our lesson on Changing Invoice Items.
  • If you delete an attendee who has other invoice items such as food or accommodation, those invoice items are now automatically deleted too.
  • You can now update which price is allocated to each attendee for their attendance.
We've written all the documentation for changing invoice items - click here to read all about it!

Updated Stripe Descriptions

Descriptions in your Stripe account will now include the payment number and client name when they make payments coming from a payment reminder email.

Autosend Now Working

We had an issue which was preventing message autosend from working which has now been resolved.

Occasional Booking Form Issues

We had a couple of situations reported where the booking form was creating erroneous information, and once caused a client to over pay. We have made some changes which we believe will prevent this from happening in the future.

Login Timeout

We have increased the login timeout period from 20 minutes to 8 hours.

Login Failure

If the login process fails to complete correctly the first time you log in, you will be warned about this and asked to log in again.


We are working hard to complete all of the documentation. The lessons have now been completed for working with finances, so if you would like to brush up on all the financial possibilities, click here to read the details!