Welcome to the full documentation for Workshop Angel!
Here you can find a complete explanation of how to use every feature of our app, along with answers to all the questions we have been asked. This is a live document, and as more features are added, and more questions asked, we will make sure all the details are in here for you to reference.
This document is divided into multiple chapters, with around 5-10 lessons per chapter:
Getting Started (GS)
Defining Messages (DM)
Managing Finances (MF)
Defining Activities (DA)
Sending Messages (SM)
Additional Features (AF)
Managing Attendees (MA)
Managing Contacts (MC)
How To... (HT)
Currently the Getting Started chapter has associated video lessons too, and we will be adding more videos soon.
If you have any further questions, please contact us via our community forum.
Happy learning! :-)
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