(MA-7) Bookings - Waiting List Screen

Workshop Angel has the ability to manage a waiting list of clients who would like to attend an activity which is fully booked.
Let's take a look at how the waiting list works!

How to Define Maximum Attendees

When you define an activity, you define the maximum number of attendees that can attend.
To define the maximum attendees:
  • Go to Activities - Define Activities
  • Click on the Booking tab option for the activity
  • Set the Maximum value for the first field "Your objectives for the number of attendees":

How The Booking Form Handles Maximum Attendees

When the maximum number of attendees has been reached, the booking form will no longer take bookings, but will instead offer an option for clients to be added to the waiting list:
If a client is making a booking which causes the activity to be full, they are offered the chance to either:
  • Complete the booking with the attendees already added
  • Add more attendees and have everyone put on the waiting list
It is also possible that another booking causes the activity to become full while a client is using the booking form. If this happens, they will be told as they complete the booking:

Adding to Waiting List Process

When a client adds themselves to the waiting list, the booking form proceeds in the usual way, except that they do not get a chance to select any entry prices, and at the checkout they are offered the option to be added to the waiting list:

Working With The Waiting List

To go to the Waiting List screen
  • Click on Bookings on the main menu, and Waiting List on the sub-menu.
Each client is listed along with their phone number, with the option to make notes about them and send them an email indicating that a place is available.
To make notes about the client's waiting list situation:
  • Type in the notes area
The notes you make will be saved as you type
To send the Place Available email:
  • Click on the [Send] button.
The date of when the email was sent will be shown:
To view the content of the email sent:
  • Click on the
The Sent Message window will appear:
The text of this message comes from the "Place Available" message defined within the activity, and you can customise the text to suit your needs.
If you send the message to multiple people and one makes a booking, then the others will still get the "activity full" message as they try to book, so you may want to make reference to this first-come-first-served aspect if you send the message to multiple clients at the same time.


We have seen how you can define a maximum number of attendees for an activity, and then have the booking form offer the option to put clients on the waiting list when the activity is full.
We have seen how you can make notes about clients on the waiting list, and send them an email when a place becomes free.