(MA-5) Bookings - Responses Screen

The Bookings - Responses screen is where you can view how attendees responded to the questions you ask on the booking form.
Let's see how this works!

Booking - Responses Screen Overview

To go to the Bookings - Responses screen for an activity:
  • Click on Bookings on the main menu and Responses on the sub-menu
  • Select the activity from the menu on the left hand side
The responses screen will be displayed:
There are three columns of information:
  • Question - a list of the questions asked for this activity.
  • Attendee - a list of current attendees
  • Responses - a list of responses for the question and attendee combination selected
You can select items from the first two columns to see any combination of responses that you choose.
For example, to see all the responses to one question:
  • Select that question in the first column
If the question has specific answers, the totals are shown at the top of the responses area.
To see all the responses for one attendee:
  • Select that attendee in the second column

Refreshing Responses

If an attendee has booked since you visited the Responses screen, or if you have added a test attendee from this screen, then their responses won't be visible until you have refreshed the display.
To refresh the display:
  • Click on [Refresh Responses]

Working with Notes and Messages

Depending on the responses you have received, you may want to make some notes about that attendee, or send them an email to respond to an issue they have raised.
You can do all of these things directly here on the Responses screen.

Creating Attendee Notes

Attendee Notes are those which appear on the Bookings - Attendees screen (as discussed in lesson MA-2).
To edit attendee notes:
  • Click on the
The Attendees Notes window appears:
  • Edit the notes and click on [Save]

Response Notes

You can also create Response Notes that appear here on the Responses screen rather than over on the Attendee screen.
To create Response Notes:
  • Click on the
    pencil icon.
The Response Notes window appears:
  • Add your notes and click on [Save]
The notes are then shown next to the response, here on the Bookings - Responses screen:

Sending an Email

To send an email to an individual attendee:
  • Click on the
    send email icon
The Send Email window will appear. Details of how to send an email from this window are in lesson DM-7.

Changing Optional Items

If an attendee has selected an additional purchase such as an accommodation or food option, the item selected can be changed via the Change Invoice tab of the Invoice window. You can go there straight from here!
To go to the Change Invoice tab of the Invoice windows:
  • Click on the
Details of how to make these changes are described in lesson MF-7.

Highlighting a Specific Response

You may wish to highlight a specific response, for example if you wish to come back to it and take notes or send an email.
To highlight a response:
  • Click on the
    icon next to the response.
The response is then highlighted:
To view only the highlighted responses:
  • Select All Questions and All Attendees.
  • Select the "Show highlighted only" option
Just the highlighted responses are then shown:


We have seen how you can work with the replies to your questions on the booking form through this Bookings - Responses screen.
You can select combinations of questions and attendees, and see totals of quantifiable responses. We've looked at how to record notes against the attendee's record, and for a specific responses. We've seen how to highlight a response for our future attention, to send the attendee an email, and how to make changes to purchase options they have chosen.
The last four lessons have covered managing attendee information through the Attendees, Messages, Payments and Responses screens.
We will now look at how to prepare information that you can have by your side as your attendees arrive, through the Attendee List.