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(MA-2) Bookings - Attendees Screen

Let's start off the details of this chapter by looking at how you manage information about each individual attendee in the Bookings - Attendees area.

The Bookings - Attendees area

To go to this area:
  • Click on Bookings on the main menu
  • Click on Attendees on the sub-menu
  • Select an activity to work with in the left sidebar
This area is designed for you to make notes about the individual attendees.

Refreshing the Attendee List

If an attendee has booked since you visited the Attendees screen, or if you have added a test attendee from this screen, then they won't be visible in the Attendee column until you have refreshed the display.
To refresh the display:
  • Click on [Refresh Attendees]

Searching for Attendees

If you have a large number of attendees, you can can search for the person you wish to work with:
  • Enter part of their name in the "Search attendee" field to the right of the title "Attendees"
  • Attendees with only that text in their name will be shown

Adding Attendee Notes

There will be some notes that you want to keep private and be only visible with the app itself. These are best placed in the Your Notes area.
There will be other notes you make which you wish to have with you as your attendees arrive. These are best placed in the Arrival List Notes area.
To add notes about an attendee:
  • Click on the [Notes
    ] icon next to the attendee's name
A pop-up window appears.
  • Edit the notes you wish to make
  • Click on [Save]
The notes area is now updated:
You can learn more about generating the Attendee List in lesson MA-6.

Highlighting Specific Attendees

There may be some attendees that you want to bring attention too... this could be because they have specific requirements during the activity, or maybe because you need to take some action on their behalf before the activity starts.
To "Highlight" a specific attendee:
  • Click on the purple icon
    to the left of their name
The icon will turn to a red warning triangle
To remove the highlight of an attendee
  • Click on the red warning triangle next to their name
The icon will turn back to purple.
To view only the highlighted attendees:
  • Select the [Show highlighted attendees only] box

Sending an Email

To send an email to an individual attendee:
  • Click on the [Email
    ] icon next to the attendee's name
The Send Message pop-up window will appear:
To define and send the email:
  • Follow the instructions in lesson DM-7
You may well find that you send common messages to attendees when they ask similar questions. You can define and import that text into the message using the concept of "Message Text", which is also described in lesson DM-7.

Maximum Attendees

Workshop Angel works with the idea of there being a maximum number of attendees that can attend a class.
To see or edit the maximum attendees:
  • Go to the Activities - Define Activities area
  • Find the specific activity
  • Click on the [Booking] tab for the activity
The maximum number of attendees is shown in the first set of fields, "Your objectives for the number of attendees".
This value for maximum attendees controls how many clients can book on an activity. After that number is reached, clients are offered the opportunity to be placed on a waiting list.
Details of working with waiting lists are in lesson MA-6.
You can see the max attendees value for your activity in the Bookings - Attendees area:
In the above image, the 5/20 text is showing that there are 5 attendees booked from a maximum of 20 allowed.


We have seen how to work with individual attendees in terms of making notes about them, sending them an individual email, and highlighting them for a specific reason.