(MA-4) Bookings - Payments Screen

The Bookings - Payments area is where you can work with each specific booking, seeing when payments are due, and recording non-card payments made by your clients.

The Bookings - Payments Area

To go to this area:
  • Click on Bookings on the main menu
  • Click on Payments on the sub-menu
  • Select a specific activity in the sidebar on the left
Here you find a display per booking, rather than per attendee. Since a single booking can be for more than one attendee, there is the concept that the first attendee added to a booking is the "Lead Attendee", and is responsible for payment of everyone on that booking. The display in the Bookings - Payments Area is therefore of only the lead attendee of each booking.

Refreshing the Payments Screen

If an attendee has booked since you visited the Payments screen, or if you have added a test attendee from this screen, then their payment information won't be visible until you have refreshed the display.
To refresh the display:
  • Click on [Refresh Bookings]

"Booking made by" Column

This is the name of the lead attendee, and a (+X) note showing how many other attendees are included in this booking.

Amount Column

This is the full amount payable for this booking.

Status Column

Since bookings can be managed in terms of multiple payments being due at different times, this column shows the current payment status of the booking.
Possible values are:
  • - the booking is fully paid
  • - a payment is due within the next 5 days.
  • - a payment is now overdue.
  • - There is no payment due at the moment, but the booking is still not fully paid.

Next Payment Column

This shows the amount of the next payment due, the date it is due, and how many days it is until that date. The font will be:
A light tone for payments due in more than 5 days time:
A dark tone for payments due in 0-5 days time:
A red colour for payments that are overdue:

Payment Reminder Column

This column has content if a payment is due in five days or less, and gives the chance to manually send a Payment Reminder message to the lead attendee.
If the message has not been sent yet, the column will look like this:
To send the Payment Reminder message:
  • Click on the [Send Reminder] button
If the message has already been sent, the column will show the date the message was sent:
To see the content of the Payment Reminder message:
  • Click on the
The message viewer window will appear.
To resend the Payment Reminder message a few days later:
  • Click on the [Send] button
Workshop Angel pre-defines both a Payment Reminder message and a Payment Overdue message. You can send the Payment Reminder message directly from the Bookings - Payments screen here. For more details of how to send the Payment Overdue message, see lesson SM-2.
There is also a complete system for having these messages sent out automatically, and you can read about how to manage this in lesson SM-3.

Payments Column

This column allows you to record and view payments made against the booking.
To record a non-card payment:
  • *Click on the [+ Payment] button
To record a test card payment (function only available in Test mode)
  • Click on the [+ Card Payment] button
Payments made against the booking are shown in this column:
To view the details of a payment:
  • Click on the
    payment listing
A Payment window pops up with the payment details:
Full details of how to work with this Payments window are described in lesson MF-3.

Actions Column

There are two options available in the Actions column, to cancel a booking, and to work with more details of the invoice.

Cancelling Bookings

To cancel the booking:
  • Click on the [Cancel] button
This will mark the booking as cancelled, and it will disappear from the display. All payments made are marked as a financial credit to the client. Don't worry if you perform the cancellation in error, as a cancelled booking can be restored!
To restore a cancelled booking:
  • Select the [Show Cancelled Bookings] tick box at the top of the display
The cancelled bookings then appear.
  • Click on the [Restore] button for the booking you wish to restore
The booking will be restored, and the payment credits re-allocated to the booking.

Working With The Invoice

To view and work with the full details of the booking (which we can also consider to be the invoice):
  • Click on the [... More] button
This opens the Invoice pop-up window:
Here you can work with many different aspects of the invoice, the details of which are described in other lessons:
  • Sending Payment Overdue and Invoice Copy messages - see lesson SM-2
  • Changing the Payment Schedule - see lesson MF-6
  • Changing the amount of the invoice - see lesson MF-7
  • Moving the booking to a different activity - see lesson MF-8

Notes Column

Here you have a small window to make any specific notes about the payment for this booking.
The words you type in the notes column are saved automatically as you type.


We have walked through all the columns of the Payments screen and the range of information and functions that are available. We've seen that some of the fine details of how to use these functions are described in other lessons from the Sending Message and Managing Finances chapters.
In the next lesson we will move on to describing the Responses screen, where we can work with the replies your attendees gave to the questions you ask on the booking form.