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(SM-5) Managing Message Delivery Errors

If an email or text/sms is sent with an error and therefore undelivered, you need to know this and be able to fix it!

Finding Delivery Errors in Notifications

To know if you have any email sending errors:
  • Go to Messages Notifications
  • Click on [Errors] and the timeframe you wish to look for
The errors will appear on the right hand side.
To see the exact message contents the notification is referring to:
  • Click on the text of the notification message
The message content appears in the Message popup window.
Let's look at the most common delivery errors and how you can go about fixing them...

Error "From Address Has Not Been Confirmed"

This is a very common error that can happen the first time you try to send live emails. As we discussed in the last lesson, when you sign up for Workshop Angel, you are sent an email from our email provider (a company called Postmark), requiring you to confirm your email address.
If you have this error you need to either:
  • Search in your own email system for an email from "[email protected]" and click on the [Confirm Sender Signature] button in the email.
  • Go to Settings - Brand Settings and click on [Resend Confirmation Email]
  • Click on the [Confirm Sender Signature] button in the email you receive from Postmark Support

Error "Email not Valid"

Another common error is that the email address being sent to is not valid for some reason. This can happen if your contact enters an incorrect email address into the booking form.
As the email is sent to the invalid address, a notification will come through with status "EMAIL SENT". However a few seconds later another notification will arrive with status "EMAIL BOUNCED" showing that the email address is not valid:
At this point the email sending service will mark that address as "deactivated". Any further attempts you make to send an email to the address will create an immediate error:

Resending to a New Email Address

To resend a message to an updated email address:
  • Go to Contacts and add the new email address to the client's record
To resend a message to an updated email address from Notifications:
  • Use the search function to find the error notification
  • Clicking on the error message in Notifications
  • Click on [Send Again] in the bottom left hand corner.
The message will be resent to the new email address.
To resend a message to an updated email address from Bookings - Messages:
  • Select the specific message THEN select the specific attendee.
  • Select the "Show all errors" checkbox
  • Click on [Send Again]
Note that if you have text/sms sending enabled for the message, it will resend the text/sms message too.
If the message was now sent successfully, you will be able to see this in the notifications:

Marking An Error as Fixed

If a message sending issue has been resolved, you want to mark the sending error as being fixed so the message does not keep showing as having an error:
  • Go to Messages - Notifications
  • Use the search to find the error notification
  • Click on the notification message to open the popup window.
  • Click on the
    "Error" icon
It now turns into an
"Error Fixed" icon and the status words are updated to "Error (Fixed)".
  • Click on [Close] to close the pop-up window.
The message will now no longer appear as an error in the Notifications and Bookings - Messages areas.
If you change the status from "Error" to "Error Fixed" by accident, you can click on the Error Fixed icon and the status will return to "Error".

Text/SMS Sending Errors

Since the main part of your message is likely to be sent by email, then if a text/sms message is not delivered, we flag that as a warning, rather than an error:
To resend the text/sms you can follow the same process as described above for resending an email.
Note that this will re-send the email portion of the message too.


We have covered how message sending errors are displayed in Workshop Angel, and the way to manage the most common situations that they occur.
If you find other situations and want to know the best way to manage those, please let us know!
In the final lesson of this chapter on sending messages, we will look in details at how to change the content of messages already sent.