(MF-8) Moving a Booking to a New Activity

It can be quite a common scenario for a client to want to move their booking to a new activity. Here are the details of how to go about this and the things to look out for along the way...

How to Change Activity

  • Open the Booking/Invoice onto the Change Invoice tab.
  • In the Change Activity area, start typing part of your internal name for the new activity and select the correct name from the list.
  • Click on [+ Change Activity].
The booking will move to the new activity.

Changing Activity - The Issues

When you look at all the possible scenarios around changing a booking from one activity to another, things can get quite complicated quite quickly. We don't want to claim this process is automatic, as there are too many potential choices to be made about how you want things to be for this booking when made for the new activity.
So to make things really simple:
All the process of changing activity does is to associate the booking with the new activity.
Nothing else is changed in terms of the invoice total, invoice item amounts and payment schedule
So once you have changed the activity, you need to make your own manual changes for invoice items and the payment schedule to reflect how you want this booking to be for the new activity. You will need to use all the details explained in lessons MF-7 then MF-6 to do this.

When to Use Change Activity

In many cases, the client will move between similar or identical activities which are just being held on different dates. In these situations, little or no manual intervention may be needed once you have changed the activity.
Here are a few different scenarios:
  • If the prices are the same and the activity is paid for at the time of booking, you won't need to change anything.
  • If the prices are the same and the activity is not yet fully paid, you may need to change the date on the outstanding scheduled payments
  • If the price is decreased or increased, you will need to update the invoice items and deal with payments and the payment schedule as described in lesson MF-7 on changing invoice items.

When to Ask the Client to Re-Book onto the new Activity

There will be scenarios where the two activities are sufficiently complex or different that it will be easier to cancel the first booking, and ask the client to book onto the new activity themselves.
You should do this when the new activity has:
  • Optional extra items to choose such as accommodation or food.
  • Important questions to be answered on the booking form which are different to the questions asked when booking the original activity.
Do this in the following way:
  • Cancel their booking from the existing activity. This will de-allocate any payments made and leave them as containing a credit
  • Ask the client to book onto the new activity and then allocate their existing payments, following the guidance in the section "How to Allocate a Credit to a New Booking" in lesson MF-5.


We haver seen how to use the Change Activity function to move a booking to another activity.
We have learned that this does not change any of the invoice details such as amounts and scheduled payment dates, and that these need changing manually if necessary.
We have seen that if the new activity has optional extra price items or different questions, it is better to cancel the original booking and ask the client to re-book.
Yippee! Those details are really important concepts to understand.
In the next lesson, we will look at all the details of managing invoices which you have created manually for non activity attendance items.