Release Notes - Version 1.1.0

Release notes for version 1.1.0, released on 10th December 2021.


The main feature of this release is a complete re-design of the colour scheme and fonts used for Workshop Angel. The new scheme is based on our consistent use now of a sage green based design style for the app and web site.
The booking form colours have also been re-designed to be more muted and less likely to clash with any colour scheme you have for your own brand.
This release also includes the re-naming of the Mailing Messages section to be called Message Text, along with a number of bug fixes around the area of managing invoices and payments.
These release notes are part of the new documentation area we are creating over the next month or so. You will find most of the pages listed do not currently have any content... if you would like us to prioritise creating a specific topic, or would like to see other topics included, please let us know!

New App Colour Scheme

New colour scheme based around sage green and a soft purple highlight
Here is an example of the new colour scheme. It is based around a gentle tone of sage green, along with a soft purple highlight colour. The local menus have a more prominent style, and we have toned down some of the icon colours.
We are sure it will take some getting used to, but we hope you end up liking it!
It has taken a while to apply this new paintwork to all areas of the app... if you think we have missed a part out, or you find some of the information harder to read or follow after this upgrade, please let us know! :-)

New Booking Form Colour Scheme

The booking form now has a more muted colour scheme. Here is the new look:
The new more muted tone booking form.

Renaming of Mailing Messages to Message Text

We have decided to change the name of the Mailing Messages area. This part of the app was originally designed to be for emails you may send out as client mailings, but as the app has developed, it has become much more than that. With the possibility to send an email to an individual client in the Contacts and Bookings area, you have the possibility to start that message with some standard text, or for the entire message you send to be pre-written on a specific topic.
We have therefore changed this area of the app to be called Message Text, which we feel better represents the function it provides.
The newly named Message Text area, with an example message you could send out to individual attendees to answer a question about diet.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed the following issues that either we discovered ourselves, or you reported to us. Thanks for all your feedback! :-)

Payment Received Message for Unallocated Payments

When you create a Payment, it is always recommended that you have an existing booking or invoice to allocate that payment to. To give you the flexibility you need, it is possible to create a payment from within the Finances area which you do not allocate to a specific invoice.
This can be seen in the payment creation window where it shows the payment contains a credit which is the same amount as the payment itself:
The Edit Payment window after creating an unallocated payment
If you create such a payment, you may well want to choose the "Do Not Send This Message" option, and hold off sending the payment received message until you have created the appropriate invoice and allocated the payment to it.
However if you do allow the payment received message to be sent, then in the previous version this payment would result in a Payment Received message being created but not having any content.
In this version, the the message is created, and mentions that it has not yet been allocated to a specific purchase:
Just to let you know we have received your payment of £100.00 for a currently unspecified purchase.

Inability to Delete Some Payments

In Workshop Angel, you should be able to delete a Payment if:
  • The Payment was not a Card Payment
  • and...
  • The Payment is not allocated to an Invoice
However this was not always possible in the previous version. This has been corrected in the new release.
Note that Payments which meet the criteria listed above can be deleted using the icon in the Finances - Invoice & Payments section:
Payments are deleted from the Finances - Invoices & Payments section as shown here...

Editing Invoice Items - Incorrect Scheduled Payments Being Created

When editing Invoice Items, it was possible in certain circumstances to create incorrect Scheduled Payments. This has been fixed in release 1.1.0.

Incorrect Values in Payment Due Emails

In the case where multiple Scheduled Payments had not been paid, an incorrect amount due was being shown in the Payment Due emails. This has now been fixed.

Send Test Message Now Populated for Payment Messages

The Send Test Message function sends you an actual email to your own address, to be sure a message will look good when it arrives through the internet to your client's inbox.
In the previous version, this function was not correctly populating Payment Reminder type messages. This has now been fixed.

Large Text Question and Contact Location

In the previous version, if a Large Text question was created, the response was erroneously being written into the contact's Location field. This is now fixed.