Release Notes - Version 1.1.1


This release is primarily to fix some very specific issues that have been reported, to keep you all flowing through the different circumstances you find!

Minor Updates

Changed wording "Booking" to "Invoice"

We are working to bring a complete consistency in the terminology used in Workshop Angel, and this can get quite interesting around the use of the terms "booking" and "invoice", which are basically the same thing. We've decided to use the term "booking" in the bookings area, and "invoice" around financial areas of the app.
In this release we have changed some references from "booking" to "invoice" within the Payments window.
You can click here to read more about this idea of bookings and invoices being the same thing.

Colours in Message Editor

The message editor was defaulting to the colours of the rest of the user interface, which meant that removing a colour setting left the text with a hint of green rather than full black as would be displayed when an email is received. The default colours have now set to be pure black to reflect how the email will most likely be received.


Show Help Text Now Working

In User Settings, the Show Help Text option was not working correctly. When set on, this is designed to show all the help text by default. It makes the display very cluttered, but some new users find this option helpful.
If you suddenly find the help text is being displayed everywhere, go to User Settings and turn this option off.

Additional Contribution Bulk Emails

The issue which prevented bulk attendee emails being sent to include the correct [Payment Methods] for payment of additional contributions has been fixed.

Autosend Date Issue

As we came through the end of the year it became apparent that you could not so easily change the date in the message autosend area when it was set to be in the previous year. This has been fixed now.

Invoice Description When Activity Changed

When a booking is changed to be a different activity, the invoice description was not being updated... this has now been corrected.
If you have an invoice with the wrong description, you will need to change it to a different activity and then back to the original one to update the wording. You are best to choose a similar activity with the same pricing options when you do this.

Payment Reminder Not Displaying Correct Amount Due

If a payment reminder email was sent exactly 5 days before it was due, the amount due was not displaying correctly. This has been updated.