(GS-10) Working With Contacts

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Let's take a look at how to work with contacts!
  • Ensure Test Mode is selected in the top right and corner.
  • Click on Contacts on the main menu.

Test Mode and Demo Contacts

You will see when you enter the contacts area that there are 65 contacts already supplied for you. These are the demonstration contacts, and are only visible in Test Mode. You can use these during the time you are learning to use the app, and there is an option in Settings to remove these when you feel you no longer need them.
Be aware that a specific contact is either a Test Mode Contact, or a Live Mode Contact.
  • Change from Test Mode to Live Mode in the top right hand corner.
Note that no contacts are now visible:
  • Change back to Test Mode.

Left and Right Sides

As is common with much of Workshop Angel, the left side is used to search and list items - in this case, Contacts. The right side is used to display the details from a specific item we have chosen - in this case, a particular contact.
Let's get used to the search function at the top of the left hand side.
  • Make sure you are back in Test Mode!
  • In the Name Search field, type "patr".
You will see the only contacts now listed are the ones where their first name, last name, or email contains the letters "patr".
  • Click on [Clear Search Options]
The letters "patr" are now removed from the search field, and all of the 65 or so contacts are now listed again.
There are many options by which you can search for contacts within Workshop Angel, enabling you to create very targetted lists for your email marketing. These options are described in fine detail in Chapter 7 of the documentation. We will just give you an overview here.
  • Select the option "Show Advanced Options" in the Contact Search area.
Eight new search options appear below.
  • In the Gender field, select "Female".
Now only the female contacts are listed.
  • In the Age Range field, select "18-25".
Now only the female contacts who are tagged as being in the age range 18-25 are listed.

Working with Contact Lists

A contact list is - well, a list of contacts! You can select contacts from the search results on the left to be added to a list on the right. From there you can create an email list, or send a message directly from within Workshop Angel.
So let's create a list of a females aged 18-25 - which is our current search results.
  • In the local menu under "Found Contacts", click on [+ Add All to List]
A contact list appears on the right hand side. We can remove specific contacts from the list with the [Remove] button on the right, or add other specific contacts to the list by finding them on the left and clicking on the [Add to List] icon.
  • On the right hand side local menu, click on [Email List]
A popup window appears which contains the names and email addresses of your contact list.
  • Select Email bcc list
  • Click anywhere inside the list
The email list has now been copied to your clipboard, and you can use it for email marketing in another email system that you choose.

Editing Contact Details

We can work with specific details of a contact. These are viewed across three different screens visible on the right hand side:
  • Details - specific data such as their name, email address, notes about them or specific tags that characterise them such as gender or the region they come from.
  • Notes - words you write about them specifically, and the ability to note a warning or high level of alert to something specific you should be aware of about them.
  • Finances - a summary of their invoices for activities or other things you may have charged them for.
To edit the details for on one of these screens you can either click on the local menu when already viewing a specific contact or on the equivalent icon next to the contact's details on the search results on the left side.
Contact Notes screen, along with some notes we have added and a raised alert level.
To edit specific information on the Details and Notes screens, just change the fields you require and click on [Save]

Contacts Summary

So we have seen how you can search for contacts by name, or by a complex combination of different advanced criteria. From those search results, you can create a contact list to send messages both within Workshop Angel or via an external email system. We have also seen how to edit specific details about an individual contact.
In the final section of the Getting Started Guide, we will look at some of the system wide settings, and the process of putting an activity live for your real clients to book.
For support, please visit community.workshop-angel.com