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(GS-2) What is Workshop Angel?

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The Big Picture

Workshop Angel comprises of three parts:
  • A flexible event booking system
  • A contact and marketing database
  • A financial management system
What sets Workshop Angel apart from other booking systems is that it:
  • Has the ability to manage bookings based upon the payment of the deposit and then the tracking of further payments
  • Includes an integrated contact database, from where you can perform targeted marketing based on the workshops that your clients have attended.
  • Has a financial system allows you to easily move attendees between activities you offer, while easily managing price changes, credits and refunds. You may well be able to use this to prepare your annual tax accounts too.
All in all, it means you can offer a much more flexible service to your clients.

How You Use Workshop Angel

Define your activity (event, workshop, or class) in terms of descriptions, prices, questions, and email content. This creates a copy of our booking form specific to your activity which you link to on your web site and social media pages.
Clients book and their money is taken via card payment. Email messages are sent, and the marketing database updated. Final payments are automatically chased and attendee lists created.
Bookings can be modified, prices changed, and clients moved onto other activities. Credits can be tracked if a client finds they can't come to a specific activity they have paid for.

Sounds Good?

If this sounds like something that has the potential to save you time, reduce some stress, and bring a better service to your clients, then let's move on to the next chapter and get started!
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