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(GS-3) Signing Up

(Click here to watch a video of this lesson)
To sign up to Workshop Angel, use a laptop or desktop computer to go to

Sign Up Screen

  • On the Sign Up screen, enter your name, the brand name of your business, and the country where you are located. If your country is not listed, please enter UK and contact us via the community forum with the details of your country and currency so we can add these to your login details.
  • Click on [Next].
  • Enter your email address. Note that this needs to be an address at a specific domain that you own, such as [email protected], for our email sending service to be able to send emails in your name.
  • Enter and confirm your password. We highly recommend you create a password of at least 12 characters, which is a random combination of letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Click on [Sign Up!]. Your account will be created and you will be logged into the Workshop Angel app.
Reply to this email you are sent so the email sending system works for you
The first time you log in, there is a welcome splash screen, explaining that you should have been sent an email from our email sending service Postmark. You need to open this email and click the verification link before you will be able to have the app send live emails which have come from your own email address.
  • Click [Close] to close this window.

Getting Started Screen

When you log in, your arrive at the Getting Started screen. Here you have suggestions for where to start getting to know the app, based on your learning style:
If you have a quite experimental hands-on learning style, you may wish to follow the "Get straight in..." method, by following some short orientation in lesson GS-1, followed by your own experimentation.
If you prefer a more guided approach to learning, you will be best to closely follow this Getting Started section of the documentation to become familiar with how Workshop Angel works.
For support, please visit