(GS-5) Adding Your First Attendee

(Click here to watch a video of this lesson)
Let’s start really using Workshop Angel!
Your account comes with three demonstration activities already defined, so we will use these to see how your clients will use the Booking Form part of the app to book into your activities.

Accessing The Booking Form

You can most easily access the Booking Form from the Bookings Section of the app.
  • Ensure you are in Test Mode (set on the right hand end of the main menu)
  • Click on [Bookings] on the main menu.
  • Click on the “Yoga Taster Evening” activity on the left column.
  • Click on [+ Add Attendee] This will open the Booking Form in another tab of your browser.

Adding a Test Attendee

(Note that you will be adding a test attendee here, but what your clients see will be almost exactly the same as you see here)
  • Enter a fictional email address and click [Start Booking]
  • Enter a fictional name
  • Select the “Standard Price”
  • Click on [Finalise Booking]
  • *Make sure the payment method chosen is “Card Payment”
  • Copy and paste the test card number into the card number field, add an expiry date in the future, and random numbers for the zip code and cvc number.
  • Click on [Pay Now]
You will be told to leave the browser window open for a few seconds while the transaction completes, and then that the booking has been successful.

Viewing The Booking Details

  • Go back to the tab of your browser that is running Workshop Angel.
  • Click on [Refresh Bookings]
  • Make sure you are on the [Attendees] submenu.
Here you can see your attendee listed. You have the options to add your own personal notes here, notes that will be added to the attendee list you create for the start of the activity, and to send an email to this specific attendee.
  • Click on the [Payments] submenu.
Here you can see the attendee listed and a record of then being fully paid.
  • Click on the [Messages] submenu.
Here you can see a list of the 5 main messages that can be sent to each attendee. At the time of booking, they are automatically sent the “Place Booked” message, and you can see that this is listed as being created.
While creating Test Mode attendees, the messages are created but not actually sent.

Viewing Sent Messages

To view the messages that have been sent from adding this attendee:
  • Click on [Messages] on the main menu.
  • Select [Sent Messages]
The most recently created messages will be listed here.
  • Click on the specific message to see the contents.

All Done!

Congratulations! You’ve added your first ever attendee using Workshop Angel and taken a look at their booking details.
In the next tutorial, we will add some more attendees to different activities.
For support, please visit community.workshop-angel.com