(GS-6) Adding More Attendees

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Now you are familiar with how to add a test attendee, we will take a look at some of the options available for you to offer to your clients, and how their different choices appear in the Bookings section of the app.

Demonstration Data To Use

We will use a pre-defined Activity called “Yoga Retreat” which is designed to show a wide range of the options available, and includes a number of questions for the attendees to answer during the booking process.
Workshop Angel also comes with about 70 test mode contacts defined, which you see when you visit the Contacts section. We will add some of these as attendees.

Adding a Single Attendee in One Booking

  • Make sure you have Test Mode selected in the top right hand corner.
  • Go to the Bookings - Payments section.
  • Select the activity “Yoga Retreat” on the left
  • Click on [+ Add Attendee]

Booking 1

On the Booking Form:
You will see that Percy’s name is then called up from the contact database, and the booking will be associated with his contact record. This ability enables you to track all bookings made by a specific client and more accurately target your marketing.
  • Choose the "Early Bird" or the "Standard" price option.
  • Answer the questions presented as you choose. You will see in a later lesson that the options presented can be customised to your needs
  • Click on [Complete Booking]
  • Select the "Pay a Deposit" option
  • Select the "Card Payment" option.
  • Complete the booking.

Adding Two Attendees in One Booking

On the booking form, you will have seen that once you have answered the questions, there is an option [Add Another Attendee]. Use this button to add the second attendee for these bookings:

Booking 2

Add two attendees:
When finalising the booking, select:
  • Pay a Deposit
  • Pay by Bank Transfer
You will note that on the confirmation screen, you are instructed to transfer the money to account XYZ. Your actual account details can be set up in the Settings area.

Booking 3

Add two attendees:
When finalising the booking, select:
  • Pay by Bank Transfer

Viewing Our Bookings

Let’s take a look at how these bookings look in the app!


  • Return to your browser window that the main app is running in.
  • Go to the Bookings - Attendees screen.
  • Select the Yoga Retreat activity.
  • If necessary, click on [Refresh Attendees] on the local menu.
Here in the Attendees section, you will see all 5 attendees listed.


  • Select Messages from the Bookings sub-menu.
Here again you will see all 5 attendees listed, and that they have all been sent their Place Booked message.


  • Select Payments from the Bookings submenu.
Here you will see only 3 attendees listed. For the last two bookings you made, these are the first attendee who booked, as they are considered responsible for the payment of both attendees on their bookings. We refer to these as the "Lead Attendees".
Assuming you made the bookings as proposed above, note that:
Percy’s booking has a status of “Paid”, and there is nothing shown in his Payment Reminder column. This is because he has already paid his deposit by card.
Petra and Norbert’s bookings have a status of “Due”, as they have elected to make their deposit payment by bank transfer. The app considers this to be due within 3 days of when the booking is made, and therefore shows a payment due date which is in 3 days time.


  • Select Responses from the Bookings submenu.
Here you will see all 5 attendees listed. By selecting options in the first two columns, you can see combinations of all responses, responses per question, or responses per attendee.

Lesson Complete!

You should now have a clearer idea of the kind of bookings which Workshop Angel can manage for you. You can ask unlimited questions, allow extra items to be added to the booking, and manage lots of different payment scenarios.
Let’s move on to the next lesson, where we will see how these different payments can be managed.
For support, please visit community.workshop-angel.com