Version 1.2.2 - Release Notes

We have an exciting new feature in version 1.2.2 - a space to create, store, and easily access your Facebook Event wording alongside your Activity definition.
We have also added the ability to specify the times that an activity starts and ends. This information is made available on the Facebook Event screen for easy access to the timing information.
Here is how it all works!

Ability to Add Time to Activity's Start and End Dates

In this release we have added the ability to add a time when specifying the start and end dates of an activity. This is added in the same field as you add the start and end dates themselves.
By default now, those fields will now show a time of 12:00am for all the existing activities where a start and end time have not been specified.
By clicking in each of these fields you are now presented with the ability to enter a time as well as a date for the start and end of your activity.
To enter a specific start or end time:
  • Click in the Start Date or End Date field
  • Select the date from the drop down options at the bottom of the window:
The times are then displayed in the start and end date fields:
Currently this time information is just used in the new Facebook activity screen which is described below. We will bring this information into other areas of the app in the future!

New "Facebook" Activity Tab

Activity listings have a new Facebook tab available:
This brings you to the new Facebook Event screen for the chosen activity:
This is a place where you can create and manage the text you will enter into the different fields as you create a Facebook Event for your activity. Allow your clients to book directly from Facebook by including the booking link in the event description.
As you create the Event within Facebook itself, you can copy the text entered in each field using the Copy icon
and the paste it directly into the fields Facebook presents as you create your Event.
We hope you enjoy using this new feature, and look forward to any feedback you have about how it works!