(DA-1) Activity Overview and Creation

Let's start our deep dive into all the possibilities around creating an activity by looking at what an activity actually is, how they are organised, and the first stages of creating one.

What is an Activity?

An activity is the definition of your workshop, event or class. It includes the following parts:
  • The words to describe the activity such as its title and the date and time it runs, and the marketing words you will use to advertise it on a platform like Facebook.
  • Which location the activity will be running at.
  • Details that effect how people can book on such as max attendees per booking, or max attendees for the whole activity.
  • Payment controls such as the payment methods accepted, currency of payment, and details of what kind of deposit and final payment options are possible.
  • Prices which you offer for attendance at the activity.
  • The wording of standard messages which are sent to attendees from the moment that they book until after the activity has completed.
  • Questions you choose to ask each attendee as they make their booking.

Working With Activities

You work with the definition of an activity within the Activities area:
  • Click on Activities - Define Activities

How to Create an Activity

Follow these steps:
  • Go to the Activities area.
  • Click on [ + Add New Activity (Event, Workshop, Class) ]
This guides you through the create activity steps where you can create the main elements of an activity in just a few clicks:
Enter the details of your activity:
  • Title internal - give the activity a name that you will use to reference it from within the app. Guidance on the most useful naming conventions are below.
  • Start date and time - the first day the activity runs on
  • Last day and time - the last day the activity runs on
  • Click on [Create Activity]
The activity is now created. It is highlighted on the left side, and the "Basics" tab is shown on the right:

Copying an Existing Activity

You also have the option to copy an existing activity. This is really useful if your new activity has similar descriptions, prices and questions to one you have defined before, as all these details will be copied across.
To do this:
  • Set the first option to "Copy an existing activity"
  • Enter the name of the activity to be copied
  • Fill in the other fields as previously described.


We have looked at the idea of what an activity definition consists of in terms of activity wide details, and any number of its elements in terms of individual prices, questions and messages.
We've walked through the process of how to both create an empty activity, and to copy an existing activity along with its elements.
In the next lesson we look at how to work with how to structure the words that create an activity's textual description.