(DA-5) Price Availability and Flexibility Options

Now you know how to create and define the basics of a Price. let's dive into the fine details of working with the wide range of options available to control how they work...

Price Availability Tab

Not all Prices are made available for a client choose at all times. The Availability tab allows you to control this by date, numbers booked, or just to manually make a Price unavailable for a while.
When a price is first created, these options are all turned off:
Note that even if you make your price type something that implies a limited availability such as "Early Bird", you still need to come to this tab and define the criteria that will limit the availability in the way you require.
To limit availability by date:
  • Set the "This price is available..." switch on.
  • Set the date range you want the price to be available within.
The Price will be available from the start of the "from" day to the end of the "to" day.
If you are setting a Price to be available to an end date which the start date of the activity, you may wish to set the end date to be a few days or weeks later, in case you need to add an attendee after the activity has started.
To limit availability by numbers:
  • Set the "... limited by numbers booked." switch to on.
  • Set the number of this price that can be purchased.
You can read more about managing activities with number limited prices in lesson AF-4

Price Flexibility Tab

The Price Flexibility tab is primarily involved in managing different ways in which the deposit amount and final payment(s) are managed if this particular price is selected.
When an Activity is first created, the Payment tab is set for the complete payment to be made at the time of booking. In this situation, the Price Flexibility tab has just one option, and message explaining why no further options are available:

Payment At the Activity

In most cases, you will probably require payment for an activity before the start date. In this case, the first option should be left at the default setting, "Payment is due before the activity" (switch set to off).
To allow payment at the event:
  • Set the first switch to On - "Payment is due at the activity".
When a client books with a price which has this option set, they will not be asked to make a payment at the time of booking, nor to pay at a separate date prior to the activity... their booking will be labelled as expecting payment at the activity itself.

Options for When Deposit Payments Are Enabled

When deposit payments are enabled for the Activity (on the Activity Payment tab), the the following options become available on the Payment Flexibility tab:

Deposit Payment Disabled

Setting this switch to on means that no deposit amount can be paid for the amount selected with this price: the full amount must be paid at the time of booking.
As you can see from this image, selecting this option removes the other options which relate to deposit payment situations.

Deposit Modification Options

There are several options for changing how a deposit situation is changed by selecting this price
  • Deposit amount will be changed - this allows you to increase a fixed deposit amount if this price is selected. For example, if the activity deposit is a fixed amount of 50, and the price deposit amount is set to increase by 10, then if this price is chosen the deposit amount will be raised to 60.
  • Deposit percentage will be changed - this allows you to define a different deposit percentage for the amount of this price.
  • Final payment due XX days before start date - if this price is selected, then the entire booking's final payment will become due XX days before the start date, instead of the number of days set on the Activity Payment tab.
Payment by monthly instalments - this allows payment by monthly instalments if this price is chosen. More details of how this function works is described in lesson AF-2


We have taken a look at all the options to manage when a price is available to be chosen by your clients, and a number of options that control deposit and final payment amounts if the price is chosen.
Congratulations... over the last two lessons you have learned almost all there is to know about defining prices!
In the next lesson, we will move on to an overview of working with the Messages which are defined with each activity.