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(DA-8) Question Examples

So we've looked at all the options available for working with questions, so let's now look at some examples.
One thing to remember throughout:
The important thing to note when creating questions is that setting the Question Topic to a specific value does not change the Question Type... so setting the topic to "Age Range" still requires the type to be set to "Age Range" too!

How Heard - Using Text Single Selection

This is a great example of how to use the Text Single Selection type in order to create a list of options your clients can select:

Gender - Using Explanations

Standard Terms and Conditions

You may well have some standard terms and conditions for your activities which are documented on your web site.
You can create a link to that page on your web site in the Settings Area:
  • Go to Settings - Business Settings
  • Enter the URL (web site address) in the Terms and conditions URL field
A link to this page on your web site is the offered to your clients when you create a question of type "Terms and Conditions".
Here is how you would typically create a question to work with this:

Activity Specific Terms and Conditions

You may have different terms and conditions depending on the activity you are offering.
You can handle this situation in one of two ways:
  • Describe the different types of activity and terms on the Terms and Conditions page on your web site
  • Create some specific questions to handle the different terms and add the appropriate question to each activity.
Below we have an example of the second situation, with some specific terms around cancellation being different for when we are offering a workshop versus a retreat.
Here is an example for workshops:
And an example of different conditions you could use for retreats:

Client Location - The Area They Live In

It can be useful to know where your clients live. The Contact record has a field called Location where you can store this information. It is intended more for the town and if necessary country, rather than their full address.
With the Location type question, you can ask for this information and it will be stored directly in their contact record:

Age Range

Your Experience - Using Text Large or Extra Large

Something that requires a slightly longer written answer can use Text Large or Text Extra Large....

Mailing Permission

The Mailing Permission type creates a Yes/No answer. At the moment, the response is limited to the Activities area, but in the future we plan for it to be attached to the contact record so you can use it more easily for creating mailing lists.
In the meantime, we suggest you create a contact tag called Mailing Permission to tag those contacts who have specifically give you permission to add them to your mailing list.

Number Selection Example

Here you can see how to use the Number Selection type - create your list of numbers separated by commas.

Other Phone

The contact record has an "Other phone" field, which you can ask for the details of and the response is written into the contact record.