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(MA-1) Bookings Area Overview

Welcome to our chapter where we will discuss all aspects of managing your information about, and communication with, your attendees.

The Bookings Area

The main area for managing attendee information is in the Bookings area of the app:
  • Click on Bookings on the main menu
In here you have a sub-menu where you can view your bookings from different perspectives:
  • Attendees - manage your own notes about the attendees, and send them individual messages
  • Messages - manage the sending of messages designed to go out to all attendees
  • Payments - view the payment status of each lead attendee, send payment reminder messages, and record non-card payments.
  • Responses - see the responses of each attendee to the questions asked on the booking form
  • Waiting List - manage a waiting list of clients who would like to join the activity if a place becomes available.
  • Attendee List - view and potentially print a list of attendees to have with you during the activity, along with relevent information you have added from other parts of the app.
Each of these booking screens will be unique to a specific activity, so to the left you have a small sidebar where you can search for and select the specific activity you wish to view the bookings for. If you are already working "inside" an activity in the Activities area, that activity will already be selected, and you can move freely between the two areas without needing to re-select the activity each time.

Bookings Local Menu

Each of the bookings areas has a similar local menu where you can perform common booking related functions.

Adding Attendees

To add an attendee to an activity:
  • Set the data mode to Live or Test, depending on the type of attendee you wish to add
  • Click on [+ Add Attendee]
A separate tab will open up in your browser with the booking form for your selected activity. On this form you can add one or more attendees.

Adding Existing Attendees

When you first start using Workshop Angel, you may want to go live with an activity that already has some bookings made via your previous administration system. In this case you want to add those attendees yourself, but not send out any of the messages to them as they will have already had confirmation of their booking and payments.
To add an existing attendee such that messages are not sent out to them:
  • Set the data mode to Live
  • Click on [+ Add Existing]
  • Fill in the booking form with all of their existing booking details

Refreshing the Display

When you go to one of the Booking areas, the data shown is that which was available in the database at the time you arrived on that screen.
It may be that other clients book while you are looking at the data, or that you add another attendee using one of the methods listed above. Their booking details will not be shown on the display by default.
To update the display to include all new bookings made:
  • Click on the [Refresh] button


We have seen that the bookings area has six different screens showing different aspects of your attendee's bookings. There is a set of functions available on the local menu which allow you to add attendees, and refresh the lists of bookings and attendees.
So that is the big picture... let's now dive into the details of each bookings screen, starting with the Attendees view.