(MA-6) Preparing Your Arrival List

It is important you can have the information you need by your side as your attendees arrive. This is done by adding information to the "Arrival List".

Arrival List - What You Can Add

Here is an overview of the information you can add to the Attendee List:
  • Any written notes you choose to make
  • The response to specific questions you have asked
  • Contact details in terms of email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Generating and Printing the Arrival List

To create the Arrival List:
  • Click on Bookings on the main menu
  • Click on Arrival List on the sub-menu
The Arrival List then appears in a separate tab of your browser:
In the example shown here, we are seeing just the list of attendee names, without any of the other information added.
To print the list:
  • Access your browser's print function, which is usually [ctrl]+[p] or [Apple]+[p].
A print preview window will appear:
  • Use any functions you need to make the print fit the paper
  • Click on [Print].
If you like to work without paper, you could print the list to a PDF document and view that on a mobile or tablet device.

Adding Contact Details

To add contact details to the list:
  • View the Arrival List
  • Select the "Show mobile phone" and/or "Show email" options

Adding Question Responses

You can add the responses to any of the questions asked on the booking form.
To have a set of responses added to the Arrival List:
  • Go to Activities - Define Activities
  • Go "inside" the activity
  • Select the question you want to have the responses added for
  • Select the last option "Responses will be added to the Arrival List
Those responses will then be visible on the Arrival List:
There are some kinds of responses where it isn't completely clear what the question was. In this case you can make the question visible to:
  • On the Arrival List, select "Show Question"
The question type is then shown before the response:

Showing Arrival List Notes

In the Bookings - Attendees area, you have the opportunity to add "Arrival List Notes". How to do this is discussed in lesson MA-2.
These notes will then automatically be visible in the final column of the Arrival List:


We have seen how to create an Arrival List of information that you may want to have with you as your attendees arrive at your activity.
We've seen how to add contact details, the responses to specific questions, and your own notes you have made about specific attendees.
These first six lessons now complete the details of how you can work with information regarding your attendees. In the next lesson we will take a look at how to manage those who do not initially make it onto your activity and have been added to the Waiting List.