(MF-11) Future Financial Features

We would love to add more features to Workshop Angel in the area of managing finances, and it would be great to know what features would best suit the way you want to work!
Here are some of our ideas...
  • Sales Data Link to Accounting Software - towards the end of 2022 we will start adding features which allow you to export your sales invoice data to different accounting packages, as we discuss in lesson MF-10. We'd love to hear which accounting software you use as we start to plan this.
  • Expenses - provide a way to record your expenses so that you can potentially store and retrieve all your accounting information.
  • Export of Accounting Data - if you used the app to record all you income and expenses, then we could provide a way to summarise and output all of that information to use for your end of year accounts.
  • Financial Performance Information - we could provide a number of tables and charts to show your financial performance in different ways. If we are also allowing you to record your expenditure, this could extend to profit and loss information too.
Once you start using Workshop Angel on a daily basis, it would be great to hear from you about which of these features would be of most benefit!
In this scenario, you will probably have all of your