(AF-13) Editing Categorisation Options

In Workshop Angel you have the ability to create various options which help you to categorise Contact and Activity records, and use those category fields to create mailing lists. These fields are:
For Contacts...
  • Contact Tags
  • Regions
  • Gender
  • Age Range
For Activities...
  • Activity user defined types
  • Activity tags
  • Regions (same Regions as for a contact)
Let's take a look at how to manage these options.

Defining and Modifying Options

To define your options for one of these fields:
  • Click on [Edit Options] for the appropriate field
The Update Selection Values window appears:
To add a new selection value:
  • Click on [+ Add Selection]
A new empty entry will appear at the top of the list of selection values:
  • Type the name of the new option
  • Click on the [Save] button that appears
To edit the name of an existing option:
  • Start editing the text of the name
  • Click on the [Save] button that appears

Deleting and Hiding Options

To Delete an option:
  • Click on the [Delete] button
In this situation, the option is deleted and cannot be retrieved.
You will be prevented from deleting options that have already been used. If you no longer wish to use an option you have used, you must first remove it from all activities or contacts where you have selected that value.
If there is a value you have used before and do not wish to delete, you can instead choose to hide that value from being selected again.
To hide a value from selection:
  • Click on the [Hide] button
The value will then appear greyed out:
To unhide a hidden selection:
  • Click on the [Unhide] button

Assigning Values

To assign a value to a field in a contact or activity record:
  • Select a value you have previously defined for that field
  • Click on [Save]

Assigning To Multi Value Fields

Some of the fields that accept these options allow you to assign more than one value.
These fields are:
  • Contact Tags
  • Contact Regions
  • Activity Tags
  • Activity Geographical Regions
When assigning to one of these fields, as you make each assignment, the value just assigned will be added to a list just under the field itself, so in this example, assigning the contact tag "Met Yogafest 2019":
If you then add another value, that will be added to the list, so in the example, adding "Met Yogafest 2020":
To delete one of the selected values:
  • Click on the X at the right of the value in the list.
The value will then be removed.
When you have finished editing the values:
  • Click on [Save]

Test/Live Mode and Demonstration Data

These categorisation options that you can set are the same values whether you are in Test or Live mode.
Many of the values you see when you first sign up to the app are demonstration values to help you with your learning.
The demonstration values are:
  • Contact Tags - Met Yogafest 2018, Met Yogafest 2018, Met Yogafest 2018, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Regions - North, South, Spain
  • Activity User Defined Types - Retreat, Couples, Taster
  • Activity Tags - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
You can prevent these options from appearing by turning off the show demo data option:
  • Click on [Settings] on the main menu
  • Click on User Settings on the left side
  • Set the Show Demo Data option off
  • Click on [Save]


We have seen how to edit the values associated with the categorisation fields of Contacts and Activities.
We've covered how to create new values, edit the names of existing values, and either delete or hide options we have created.
We've looked at how to set the options we define, and howsome of the options available are from the demonstration data and can be removed.