(AF-6) Managing Number Limited Pricing Options

When you define a price, you have the ability to limit the number of that price which can be sold. This can be done through setting that value on the Availabilty tab, or by creating a special kind of number limited price called a Resource.
This lesson talks about how you can manage situations where these types of prices are being used.

Number Limited Prices

A number limited price is set on the Availability tab of a specific price:
When this option is set, you will see the following display in the price list:
The 1/2 text in this image is showing that this price is limited to being chosen two times, and at the moment it has been chosen once.
When all of that price's availablity has been chosen, the display in the price list will look like this:
It is not currently possible to see which attendees have chosen a specific price in one place - you would need to look through SOMEWHERE!

Refreshing the Number Used Display

The display of the number of times a price has been used is set when you go inside the activity. If a booking occurs while you are still inside, then the display will not be updated.
To update the display for a new booking while still inside the activity:
  • Click on [Refresh Display] on the local menu on the left hand side of the screen

Resource Usage

When a Resource has been selected by an attendee, you can see that it is no longer available:
  • Go inside the activity
  • Open the Resources area and the specific Resource Type
  • Click on the [> Resources] link
Any resource that has been chosen by an attendee are shown greyed out, and resources not yet selected are shown in normal type colour.
Again, it is not currently possible to see which attendee has selected which Resource.

Ensuring There Are Over Bookings

When a client books onto an activity, at the point they enter their email address and press [Start Booking], the form will assess whether specific prices are available for them to choose, and offer only those prices that still have availability.
It is possible that during the time they are filling out the booking form, someone else could check out and take the last available number limited price. If this occurs, they will be warned at the time they complete the checkout, and asked to select another item.


We have discussed how different price types can be limited by numbers. We have looked at how the use and availability of those prices are displayed inside an activity, and how the booking form is structured to ensure that a specific price is not over booked.
In the next lesson we will talk about XXX